Grupo Caliente


The most important asset for Caliente is its people. The employees are the driving force of the company.We are proud to have created an exceptional team with a shared vision of service and loyalty.

Those who work at Caliente were chosen for their exemplary character and their high professional standards.

Caliente is committed to a strong working relationship with its employees, respecting their rights and human values with integrity. We are dedicated to promote the individual development of our team members.

Education, training and personal growth are essential values at Caliente. For that reason we have signed numerous agreements with educational institutions that benefit our employees and their families through special discounts and scholarships.

Furthermore, we have initiated programs with the Mexican National Institution for Adult Education (INEA) which allow Caliente employees to finish their elementary, middle or high school studies. Our Human Resources Department along with our syndicates have organized educational events for our employees like the annual health fair, where employees can learn more about health, health services, civil protection seminars and more.

Being keenly aware of the importance of working for the basic well being of all of our people, we also support our employees during unusual situations - such as natural disasters, unexpected losses, fires, and other catastrophes.

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