Compliance Program

CALIENTE is committed to the values of honesty and integrity in corporate business practices. It adopts a behavior in accordance with moral norms, legal and ethical guidelines in each of its areas of activity.

To maintain the highest standards of compliance with regulations, CALIENTE has established a program designed to protect the integrity and reputation of the company, it is called the "Compliance Program".

The nature of the business in which the company operates requires a particular understanding in relation to the potential dangers from inappropriate associations that do not comply with the law.

It needs to react quickly to avoid impropriety and even the appearance of impropriety. For these reasons, the company has developed this program to investigate and report the activities of the various business areas in which it participates.

  1. Objective

The CALIENTE Compliance Program has been created with the following purpose:

A. Ensure observance to the gambling laws that concern the business operations in all jurisdictions where it operates.

B. Establish a formal process for systematic review of important business and compliance issues related to legal questions, political and /or ethics.

C. Inform and advise the Board of Directors of the Caliente Group on important compliance issues that may adversely affect the operation or reputation of the company.

D. Provide periodic reports to the Board of Directors and the Executive Directors in order to keep them informed of activities from the company subject to the Compliance Program.

E. Carry out due diligence activities with respect to certain business transactions, proposed partnerships and individual agreements according to compliance policies approved by the company.

F. Act as the appropriate entity to receive and exchange information with authorized people in the betting sector, private and public companies and any other official organization involved in supporting the company's efforts to comply with relevant laws and regulations.