Caliente's technological nucleus consists of a Data Center that houses all the data processing systems and of a telecommunications network that provides service to the entire corporate group through the support of a team of professional experts that operate in each of the different disciplines.

Caliente has established itself as a world leader in the gaming entertainment industry by having developed its sophisticated and proprietary Betting System, using leading -edge technology, strict protocols of security, audits and the experience of more than 80 years in the gaming marketplace.

The Caliente Betting System is the result of years of experience, detailed planning and technological leadership.

Its complex telecommunications system allows Caliente to showcase live, and at any of its establishments around the world, the best sports events and races. With its advanced signal compression equipment it is able to broadcast multiple events through each satellite channel.

As to internet services, Caliente has a complex microwave network that allows sending and receiving data at high speeds and with the highest level of reliability and security.