Caliente Jockey Club

The Caliente Jockey Club is an equestrian facility located in over a three hectare area within the premises of Agua Caliente Racetrack.
It has an outdoor jumping track, a covered track, and a kiosk for children’s lessons. It has ninety stables and a secure parking area.

With more than twenty years of history, it is one of the most prestigious of equine institutions.  Its Equestrian School is distinguished by its trainers and teachers who use advanced techniques and empathy as learning tools. Additionally, the quality and docility of the club’s horses give children a great opportunity to learn more about horses and riding skills. 

Each year, during the month of July, the “Caliente Classic” takes place, a grand jumping event with high jumps test that range from 0.70 to1.30 meters.

There is also an equine therapy program for children with special needs.