Colegio AlemÁn CuauhtÉmoc Hank, A.C.


Colegio Alemán Cuauhtémoc Hank, A.C. (CACH) is a private teaching center. The school was founded in 1993 by the General Patron, Engineer Jorge Hank Rhon. It counts with education which imparts al the levels of Nursery, Pre-school/Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, Secondary (high school) and Continued Education.

In addition to being a trilingual school, Colegio Alemán Cuauhtémoc Hank Feels in Spanish, Speaks in English, and Thinks in German. This is a place where knowledge grows through self-discipline, self-awareness and self-criticism. Thus, creating an atmosphere of freedom of conscience.

Prepare yourself in this environment of responsible freedom and mindedness that CACH offers you.

CACH counts with programs that strengthen language.

Language cerfifications under the Common European Framework of reference in the teaching of languages (MCER)

*BEO y BEO Master    


A convention to provide all students of middle and secondary school of Colegio Alemán, as well as to persons interested, the opportunity to travel to German speaking and Anglophone countries to gain cultural and educational experience.

Colegio Alemán, always looking to be at the forefront, is the only school that has the NOMINAX System from the 3er to the 6th semester, where students learn how to manage payroll.

Colegio Alemán counts with the Coordination Unit of Continued Education (CUCE), which has been responsible for creating conventions and intra- and extra mural programs to offer the community these one-of-a-kind and enriching experiences in its diverse areas of growth.