The Racing Secretary may re-grade a greyhound within its first three official races. However, no more than one grade, upwards or downwards, can be assigned from the current grade. In like manner, the secretary can re-grade every aniamal that has been inactive for thirty days or more.

There are five grades for experimenced greyhounds and these are designated as follow:
“a”, “b”, “c”, “d” and “e”; there is also a grade for greyhounds that are officially competing for the first time and is designated as “m” grade.

The grade system is based on points and these are equally applied to all grades. The value of points is the following:
6 points for first place, 3 points for second place and 1 point for third place.

Advancing a grade
By winning a race, a greyhound will be advanced a grade until it reaches “a” grade.

Descending a grade
Greyhounds with grades “a”, “b” and “c” can descend a grade for the following reasons:
A)- If they are not able to finish first, second or third place in three consecutive official races
B)- If they are not able to finish better than a third place in four consecutive official races.
C)- If they are not able to accumulate six points within six consecutive races.

Grade "d"
A greyhound will descend a grade by not obtaining, at minimum, a third place within four consecutive official races.

Grade "m" or "maiden"
This is exclusive for the competitors with less than two years of age and that have not won an official race. Upon wining a grade “m” race they will ascend to grade “d”. Once placed as grade “d”, if it does not obtain a first, second or third place during four consecutive official races, it will descend to grade “e” and will be subject to the regulations for such classification. Any greyhound classified as grade “e” or “m” that does not obtain, at least, a third place in eight consecutive official races will be out of any competition.

Special rules
Except for grade “e” and “m” if a greyhound falls down or refuses to exit the start box at an official race, the start will count as such in case its previous work or “lines” indicate that it must descend from grade.
In grades “e” and “m” if a greyhound falls down, is interfered or refuses to exit the start box at an official race, the line or start will not count as such for the case it is considered out of future competition.

Greyhounds from different grades may be used in distance races. This grade is indicated in the program as grade “t”.
When greyhounds from different grades are used in short races the grade shall be indicated as grade “s”.

Any greyhound with the designation (“m”) after its name at the official program indicates that is a non-winning greyhound that exceeds the regulatory age and has been re-graduated to immediate superior grade.

Greyhounds older than 5 years old may only compete in grade “a” or “b”.

Greyhounds are graduated or classified in order to try that each race includes specimens that have demonstrated similar or comparable abilities among themselves with the objective of having competitive races – some regulations may vary.