Gaming Halls

Caliente’s gaming entertainment offerings includes the largest inventory of electronic gaming terminals and Bingo halls nationwide.

In 1998, Caliente began diversifying its gaming capabilities within its facilities through a strategic alliance with the Spanish group, Codere.  In the first stage, traditional Bingo was introduced at existing Caliente locations. A few years later Vegas style electronic gaming machines were added, positioning Caliente as the absolute leader in Mexico’s gaming entertainment industry.

Caliente now houses the best electronic gaming machines from the best manufacturers in the world, establishing Caliente as similar in offerings to the most exclusive entertainment centers worldwide.

The Caliente Casino at the Agua Caliente Racetrack, located in Tijuana, is the gaming establishment with the most electronic gaming terminals in Mexico with more than nine hundred installed machines. The Caliente Casino is now the largest, most modern and best equipped casino in the country.

Caliente is distinguished for its infrastructure, service and technological development.  Thousands of customers feel secure while they are entertained in these modern facilities and at the same time enjoy its comfort and excellent service.

On the horizon of Caliente’s ongoing expansion program is the development of overseas projects, continuing its reinvestment and capitalization policy by using its own resources. Caliente is a financially sound company, which is reflected in its 20% annual growth rate in the past few years.  Caliente has created key alliances with the principal operators in the gaming entertainment industry, enabling the company to expand rapidly and continuously over time.  Furthermore, because of its leadership and competitive edge, Caliente continues to set the standard for this industry.