Caliente Greyhound Track

Located within the facilities of the Agua Caliente Racetrack, in Tijuana, B.C. the track is currently the only greyhound racing program operating in Mexico. It offers ten weekly performances and more than six thousand five hundred races per year.

Caliente organized its first greyhound program in 1927. In its early days, the greyhound races were quite a very different show from the display of technology which they have evolved to today. In those days the dogs ran on a straight track, in pairs, cross country, pursuing a live hare.

Caliente built a greyhound track in 1947, generating plenty of local attention and enjoyment. At first, the Caliente Greyhound Track alternated its season with operations in Phoenix, Arizona until it finally became an independent show. In 1971 a fire destroyed the track, temporarily halting its operation. However the regular greyhound racing programs resumed just one month after the disaster. In 1975, a new racing schedule was implemented. In general terms, it’s remains the one currently in use.

The racing show is a way of paying tribute to those marvelous creatures, the greyhounds. Due to their extraordinary physiology, the muscles of these lean dogs are vigorous springs quite willing to shoot off in an obsessive impulse towards the finish line. Each part of their slender body is designed for the function of pure speed. As a result greyhounds can accelerate to more than 70 kilometers per hour.