Our Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a core value at Caliente. It is very important for Caliente, for each one of its employees and for those who in a direct or indirect way are part of our business community; from our partners, our clients, our suppliers and the municipality where we work.

We continue working to maintain our position in the entertainment industry as one of leadership; with the highest quality standards in service and a guarantee that our operations serve each and every individual we come into contact with and the community as a whole.

For two consecutive years year we got the distinctive Social Responsible Company. It is through this award that we reiterate our commitment to generate jobs, create alliances with our vendors, reach goals with our shareholders, support our community and work with complete transparency and according to legal requirements.

With this open and integrated vision, we are identifying areas of opportunity and improvements to issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is a vital component to our strategy in order to underscore our commitment to social responsibility and maintain our position as an industry leading company.

Our team members are a fundamental part of our company. They are the reason why we make an effort to offer them the best benefits, security and continuous training for their personal development and growth within the company.

It is through them and because of them that we feel proud of the excellent service we always provide to our clients. At Caliente we all share the same service commitment by making our clients feel they are important to us.

With our Caliente Ayuda, program, we have reached thousands of people in our communities: children, teenagers, adults and seniors have benefited since 1985.


Thanks to the huge efforts of our national volunteer network, our related syndicates Sintoled, Alba Roja y Uno, we have been working with the authorities and associations to help with natural disasters, national fundraising for the Red Cross, visits to asylums, orphanages, cleaning beaches and parks and other activities to help and preserve the environment. The continued development of our volunteer group is one of the pillars of Caliente Ayuda.

As part of the CSR strategy, we have created the Casino Night programs; where we host events for social support groups, donating all the income to the institution or association we are helping.

At Caliente we are proud of following the rules and regulations established by the authorities of our country, working in favor of the growth of our society, creating jobs and collaborating with our communities, This is a our deep commitment to our community, our country and our planet - making an effort to be better each day.