Responsible Gaming Program

Let's play responsibly.
At Caliente Casino we are aware of our responsibility as an entertainment company. We are committed to play an active that support and benefit our customers, ensuring that their quality of life is full and optimal.

At Caliente Casino we want the “Fun to be the Winner”
Our desire is that  your stay is enjoyable and fun, as you visit our establishments and enjoy the various entertainment options we have for you. Caliente Casino offers a safe environment in which to play responsibly is the best choice.

It is very important for us as a Socially Responsible Company that our customers have the best information at hand that suggests how to play responsibly, or, if applicable, identifies any behavior or unusual symptoms in their style of play.

Should you have any questions or need additional support please contact this organization:

Attention and information:

Samadhi Treatment Center
Ph. 01- (614) 236 7712
Cell. (614) 427 11 73

Our customers are our reason for being. Our commitment is to ensure that they receive excellent service and care, a safe environment as we continue to implement new programs for their care and well being.